Disc Brushes for Lighter-Duty Surface Finishing and Deburring

Dot-Style NamPower Abrasive Disc Brushes

NamPower Disc Brushes Dot StyleAre you looking for disc brushes that can handle small holes and spaces? Dot-style NamPower abrasive disc brushes are the right choice for lighter-duty deburring, edge blending, and surface finishing. For medium to heavy-duty applications, choose turbine-style NamPower tools instead.

Dot-style NamPower abrasive disc brushes feature flexible nylon abrasive filaments that are bonded to a fiber-reinforced thermoplastic base. Their unique combination of ceramic and silicon carbide abrasive produces maximum burr removal rates and achieves an optimum surface finish at the same time. Choose from four different grit sizes depending on the degree of surface improvement that's required.

NamPower dot-style nylon abrasive disc brushes are available in five diameters and include several smaller-diameter NamPower tools that are great for harder-to-reach areas, smaller parts, and planetary head mountings. All NamPower abrasive disc brushes are available in two trim sizes for the right balance of flexibility and agressiveness. 

Which type of dot-style NamPower abrasive disc brush do you need for your surface finishing, edge blending, or parts deburring application? Download the NamPower Resource Guide and learn how to select and use these high-performance brushing. Complete the form to get started.