Abrasive Discs for Small Parts and Tight Spots

NamPower Small-Diameter Abrasive Disc Brushes

NamPower abrasive disc brushes provide maximum burr removal rates and a superior surface finish at the same time. With their unique combination of silicon carbide and ceramic abrasives, these high-performance brushing tools create consistent, reliable, cost-effective results. But what if you need a smaller-diameter brushing tools for harder-to-reach-areas, smaller applications, or planetary head mountings? Does NamPower technology still offer a solution – and with all of the same great features, such as flow-through tool holders, that manufacturers and machinists have come to expect? Yes! Download the NamPower Resource Guide to learn about brush styles, abrasive sizes, and grit sizes. Custom NamPower mini disc brushes are also available, and feature a combination of ceramic and silicon carbide abrasive. Fill out the form to learn more!