Industrial Brushes for Cutting, Cleaning, and Deburring

Get The Use of Industrial Brushes Technical Booklet

Do you need industrial brushes for cleaning, polishing, roughening, deburring, edge blending, surface finishing, or removing scale and oxides? Do you need to know which type of industrial brush to order, and how to use it most effectively? BRM answers your industrial brushing questions by putting the facts right at your fingertips. Download this technical book for information about brush tool types, applications, operating tips, and safety guidelines. Industrial brushes include power, cup, end, tube, flue, hand scratch, and flare brushes as well as miniature deburring tools. You’ll also read about abrasive nylon brushes, including the NamPower family of high-performance products. There’s even information about BRM Flex-Hone® tools. So see for yourself! Download the Use of Industrial Brushes Technical Book.