NamPower abrasive disc brushes 

Watch The ToolMaKer's Tools

Paulo Balzano is an expert toolmaker. His company, Balzano Knives, makes hand-crafted knives and other bladed tools. To achieve the highest level of quality, Paulo trusts NamPower technology from Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM)

As this video shows, Balzano Knives uses NamPower nylon abrasive disc brushes for parts finishing and deburring. “Even manually, on our little manual mill, the brushes touch every part that we make”, Paulo explains. “They’re amazing.”

NamPower nylon abrasive disc brushes come in two styles: dot and turbine. Dot style brushes, like the ones shown in this video, are perfect for light deburring and edge blending. Turbine style brushes are great for medium and heavy-duty deburring.

Learn more about NamPower technology. Watch “The Toolmaker’s Tools” video and then download the NamPower Resource Guide to learn more about tool selection, speeds and feeds, and other operating parameters.