Learn the Secret of Plateau Finishing

Get The Technical Booklet on the Study of Cylinder Wall Micro Structure

How does flexible honing work? Where’s the proof that the Flex-Hone® tool imparts a cylinder surface finish that’s superior to what honing stones can achieve? And what does a plateau finish look like anyway? In “A Study of Cylinder Wall Micro-Structure”, BRM shares the results of an extensive study involving scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Through magnified SEM photos, you’ll see for yourself how a honed cylinder wall should look, and how flexible honing compares to rigid honing. Three different studies are presented, and the results reveal research from the U.S., U.K., and France. Data-packed tables, charts, and graphs support these SEM photographs, and make this free resource a must-read for engineers and other technical professionals. Ready to get started? Download your copy now.