Rifle Chamber  hones

flex-hone for firearms tools for  polishing Rifle Chambers

Rifle Chamber Hone - Flex-Hone for FirearmsRifle chamber hones from Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) remove residues, surface imperfections, and machining marks from your rifle’s chamber. Polishing this part of the action promotes smoother loading, feeding, extracting, and ejection in bolt, pump, lever, and gas-actuated rifles.

BRM supplies rifle chamber hones for a wide range of hunting rifles and tactical rifles. Examples include Flex-Hone® for Rifles tools for .17 CAL/.22 MAG, .223 Remington, .243, .357, 25-06, 30-06, .308, .44 MAG, .44 CAL, .45 COLT, 50 BMG, 5.56 NATO, 6.88 MM, 7.62x39MM SAAMI, and 7.62x51MM NATO. 

Flex-Hone® for Firearms tools for rifle chambers feature silicon carbide abrasive in two grit sizes (400 and 800). These gun tools can be used with most any rotating spindle, and are favorite of gunsmiths who chuck the tool in a handheld electric drill. Firearms manufacturers use BRM's rifle chamber hones with production equipment.

BRM's rifle chamber hones are easy-to-use, but did you know that there are best practices to follow? Get the facts and take aim at rifle maintenance. Download the Flex-Hone® for Firearms Brochure. Just fill-in the form to get started.