Flexible Honing: Best Practices and More Proof

Get The Technical Booklet on Quality As It Affects Performance

How do you define manufacturing quality? How can you improve a poor-quality surface finish and enhance performance? Fortunately, there’s the Flex-Hone® tool – a flexible, resilient honing tool that removes burrs and improves surface finish at the same time. In addition to engine cylinders, flexible hones are used with steel tubes, piston rings, bearing cases, gun barrels, intake and exhaust valve stems, metal shafts, and master cylinders. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) reveals the results, and proves that Flex-Hone® tools are the right choice for surface finishing these and other machined parts. Ready to see how quality affects performance? Ready to compare the results of flexible honing and rigid honing side-by-side? Then Download the Quality As It Affects Performance technical book now.