Parts wash brushes with soft tips

wheel cleaning brushes for automotive detailing 

Parts Wash Brushes with Soft TipsBRM parts wash brushes with soft tips are ideal for cleaning wheels and lug nuts. They're great for tight, hard-to-reach spaces and are safe on chrome, polished surfaces, and clear coats.  

Soft tip parts wash brushes have a straight polypropylene plastic handle that resists corrosion while providing leverage, control, and stability. The handle's ribbed design makes it easy-to-grip and comfortable to hold in the hand. All of the brush's metal parts are made of either brass or stainless steel for corrosion resistance.

Parts wash brushes with soft, bullet-style tips are available with or without flow-through cleaning. Flow-through soft-tip brushes let users adjust the amount of cleaning fluid that's applied. All BRM parts wash brushes have long-lasting synthetic filaments that resist solvent-based cleaners. 

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