parts wash brushes for circulating parts washers

Flow-Through  Brushes for auto parts cleaning

Parts Wash Brushes - Flow-Through Cleaning BRM parts wash brushes for flow-through cleaning are designed for use with recirculating parts washers made by Enco, KleerFlo, SafetyKleen, and other popular brands. They're available with or without tubes for connections to parts wash systems that use water or petroleum-based solutions. 

Some parts wash brushes for flow-through cleaning let users adjust the amount of cleaning solution that's applied. For example, the PW4P (above) is equipped with a valve. All of BRM's parts wash brushes feature long-lasting synthetic filaments that resist solvent-based cleaners. 

Choose BRM flow-through brushes for auto parts cleaning with straight or ergonomic handles. Straight-handled brushes provide leverage, stability, and control. Ergonomic brushes have an angled handle that's designed to reduce operator wrist fatigue. Both types of parts wash brushes are easy-to-grip and have ribbed plastic handles.   

Would you like to learn more about BRM parts wash brushes for flow-through auto parts cleaning? Watch the video, and download the brochure.