Plateau Honing for Cylinder Walls

Get The Necessity of a Plateaued Cylinder Wall Finish Technical Book

Why do engine cylinders need a plateau finish? How does the cross-hatch pattern that flexible honing imparts improve oil retention and reduce engine blow-by, friction, and wear? Why are leading manufacturers of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders using Flex-Hone® technology, too? In this technical book from BRM, you’ll find answers to these and other questions about cylinder surface finishing, deglazing, and deburring. Through graphs, charts, photographs, and in-depth case studies, you’ll see why plateau hones are used to obtain the optimum surface finish for automotive engines, two-cycle engines, hydraulic cylinder bores, and more. Aimed at engineers and other industry professionals, this technical resource is packed with data and backed by expert analysis. Ready to read it? Download The Necessity of a Plateaued Cylinder Wall Finish now.