Extra Heavy-Duty Cylinder Hones for Large-Diameter Bores 19" to 36" 

GBDX Series Flex-Hone® Tools

GBDX Flex-Hone® tools are your Made in America solution to large-diameter, extra heavy-duty surface finishing, deburring, and edge blending challenges. Use these flexible cylinder hones with bores from 19” (483mm) to 36” (914mm) in diameter.

GBDX Series Flex-Hone® tools are built with a steel drum and replaceable honing sections. This lets you use the same steel drum with multiple bore diameters and different abrasive types and grit sizes.

Choose replaceable honing sections with silicon carbide (SC) or aluminum oxide (AO) abrasive, and in grit sizes from 20 (coarse) to 800 (fine). Four different drum diameters are available. Order GBDX Series Flex-Hone tools on-line, or complete the form to download the BRM Flex-Hone Resource guide to better understand tool selection, speeds and feeds and additional operating instructions.