For Any Type or Size Cylinder

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Flex-Hone® tools are your Made in the USA solution to the challenges of cylinder surface finishing. Unlike honing stones, they have hundreds of cutting points for a full 360° of cutting action. For cylinder deglazing, cross-hole deburring, and plateau finishing, there’s a Flex-Hone® tool that’s right for the job.

But how does flexible honing work? What tool diameter, abrasive type, and grit size do you need? Then, once you order a Flex-Hone®, what do the colored marks on the tip and the stem of the hone mean? The answers to these and other questions are right at your fingertips.

Download the Flex-Hone® Brochure and get the facts in four, full-color pages. Just fill-in the form, get the brochure, and get started.