Power Brushes for Small, Tight, And Hard-to-Reach Spaces

End Brushes

End BrushesEnd brushes are used for cleaning, blending, polishing, deburring, and surface finishing recessed areas.

Industrial and automotive applications include cleaning parts, polishing dies, and removing carbon deposits from piston heads, cylinders, and valve seats.

Types of End Brushes

Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) supplies these types of end brushes:

  • Solid Wire for blending, cleaning, and polishing
  • Knotted Wire for added aggressiveness
  • Circular Flared for side cutting action

Most end brushes have carbon steel or stainless steel filaments. Nylon, abrasive nylon, and brass filaments are available for some solid end brushes.

End brushes also differ in terms of end-style. Brushes with standard ends are great for general-purpose use. Banded tools have less trim and produce less flare. End brushes with coated cups protect the workpiece from contact with the metal body.  

Which End Brush Do You Need?

Which end brush is right for your application? Watch the video and download the BRM Product Catalog to learn more.