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Get BRM's Parts Wash Brushes

Are you looking for an easier way to clean auto parts like oil pumps, wheels and wheel bearings, and brake or engine components? Do you want a better way to clean valves and gears, or to remove cutting fluids, machine oils, lubricants, grease, or dirt? BRM’s professional-grade parts wash brushes work harder, last longer, and are easy-to-use. Build with ergonomic handles for user comfort, these parts washing brushes are made with long-lasting synthetic filaments that resist the solvent-type cleaners found in degreasing agents, carburetor and brake parts cleaners, and metal parts strippers. Plus, BRM’s parts wash brushes feature flow-control for efficient cleaning. Soft-tip wheel cleaning brushes are great for hard-to-reach places, too. Don’t wait to find what you need. Download BRM’s Parts Wash Cleaning Brochure.