Good tools need good holders

Less Spindle Stress, Better Coolant Dispersion

Lightweight tool holders for NamPower abrasive disc brushes put less stress on machine bearings and promote brush tool life. Made of highly-damping carbon fiber, these NamPower accessories reduce spindle vibrations for more consistent brushing action. BRM’s lightweight tool holders also support flow-through cooling systems, and disperse coolant from the disc brush center instead of from the edges. This reduces heat generation, which allows NamPower abrasive discs to run at greater cut depths during parts deburring and surface finishing.  NamPower lightweight flow-through tool holders are available for both dot style and turbine style brushes, and come in standard collet and side-lock designs. Is a lightweight, flow-through tool holder available for your NamPower disc brush size? Download the NamPower Lightweight Flow-Through Tool Holders Brochure and find out.