Twelve Tools, One Kit, No Problem

Get the Miniature Deburring Brush 12-Piece Kit Brochure 

Removing burrs from small, cross-drilled holes doesn’t have to be a big problem. Whether it’s for micro burr removal, surface preparation, internal cleaning, or rust removal, BRM’s miniature deburring brush kit has the tools you need to get the job done right. With their double-end pin vises and all-stainless steel construction, these small deburring tools are safe, strong, and effective. But what if you’re not ready to order a large number of stainless steel brushes? What if you want to try a smaller set of cross-hole deburring tools instead? That’s why BRM’s mini-brush tool kit is the smart choice. Find out which decimal and metric tools are inside, and learn some tips and techniques for proper brush use. Download the Miniature Deburring Brush 12-Piece Kit Brochure today.