Cylinder Deburring Improves Quality, Cuts Costs for Two Cycle Engines

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When a lawn trimmer manufacturer wanted to deburr engine cylinders with greater accuracy and consistency, Flex-Hone® technology cut labor costs while improving part quality. Riobi Powered Products, an Arizona maker of lawn trimming equipment, buys die-cast aluminum cylinders and then bores them to specification. After the engine cylinders are chromed and inspected, they are deburred with BRM Flex-Hone® tools mounted in production equipment. Flexible honing eliminates sharp edges, and is three times faster than manual deburring techniques such as burring knives or swivel burring tools. Flexible cylinder honing also produces a cross-hatch pattern in the cylinder walls that promotes oil retention, especially during piston ring break-in. How can flexible honing support your application? Download this case study to find out.