Engine Cylinder Deburring and Plateau Finishing 

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When an auto parts manufacturer wanted to improve the surface quality of cylinder liners in rebuilt engines, Flex-Hone® technology delivered. RMP, a New Jersey remanufacturer of car and truck engines, wasn’t satisfied with the results of rigid honing. The cut, torn, and folded metal that were left behind on cylinder walls could cause problems with piston rings and contribute to engine failure. That’s when the engine rebuilder began using Flex-Hone® tools to impart a burr-free, plateau finish. The cross-hatch pattern that flexible cylinder honing imparts promotes oil retention, which helps to reduce friction and wear. RMP liked flexible honing so much that the company began using BRM’s surface finishing and deburring tools with master cylinders. How can flexible honing support your application? Download the case study and find out.