Deburring Small Holes In Harder Materials?

Get BRM's Miniature Diamond Deburring Brushes

Do you need deburring, edge radiusing, or surface finishing tools for small holes in machined parts made of harder materials? Have you tried miniature deburring brushes for through-holes or blind holes in electronic or aerospace components, precision tool and die applications, or with ceramic and glass? BRM’s line of miniature deburring tools includes twisted-in-wire, diamond-impregnated nylon filament brushes that are ready to tackle these challenging tasks. Deburring small holes doesn’t have to be a big problem, but what size diamond brush tool do you need? BRM supplies mini diamond brushes for various hole diameters, and for both bottom-end and through-hole applications. Isn’t it time to learn more about mini deburring tools for harder materials? Download the Miniature Diamond Deburring Brushes Brochure today.