Wheel Brushes for Reliable  Mounting

Copper Center WHeel Brushes

Copper Center Wheel BrushesCopper center wheel brushes are used for light deburring, edge blending, and general-purpose surface finishing.

These power brushes are designed for mounting and come in a range of arbor hole sizes. Brushes are available in diameters ranging from 1" to 4"

Copper center wheel brushes can be stacked together to create wider face widths for deburring wider edges. Smaller-diameter wheels are easier to control with handheld power tools and won't push away from the workpiece like larger-diameter brushes. 

Copper center wheel brushes with metal filaments use carbon steel or stainless steel wire in various sizes. Copper center wheels with abrasive nylon are stocked with 500-grit or 600-grit aluminum oxide abrasive, depending on wheel brush diameter.

Other grit sizes and abrasives, such as silicon carbide and silicate abrasive, are available by special order. Encapsulated copper center wheels and brushing tools with tampico or nylon filaments are also available. 

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