Flexible Cylinder Hones for Small-Diameter Bores 4mm to 3" in Diameter

BC Series Flex-Hone® Tools

Ready to solve surface finishing and cross-hole deburring challenges for smaller-diameter cylinders? BC Series Flex-Hone® tools improve inner diameter (ID) surface finish and remove burrs from cross-drilled holes. Use these flexible cylinder hones with bores from 4mm (.157") to 3" (76mm) in diameter.

Built with Flex-Hone® technology, BC Series ball hones are great for brake, wheel, hydraulic, and pneumatic cylinders. These Flex-Hone® tools are also the right choice for smaller-diameter cylinders such as valve guides. 

Use BC Series flexible hones to deburr and finish cylinders made of any type of material. BRM provides a wide selection of abrasive types and grit sizes, and these flexible cylinder hones tools are easy-to-use.

To learn more, complete the form and download the Flex-Hone Resource Guide and learn more about tool selection, feeds and speeds and other operation parameters.

You can also order BC Series Flex-Hone® tools on-line.