BRM Presents

Why Balzano Knives Uses NamPower Brushes

Paulo Balzano is a professional knife-maker in Los Angeles. He could have been a film maker or an animator, but this American metalworker makes and sells knives with clean, straight lines and a distinctive look-and-feel. High-quality metalworking can be "a long process", Balzano says, but surface finishing and deburring are a lot smoother thanks to Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM).

As this video explains, Balzano Knives uses NamPower nylon abrasive brushes to remove metal burrs and improve surface finish. “You have to keep your eye on the pie,” Paulo Balzano says, “and what’s important – building a tool that will work.” 
For this world-class craftsman, world-class NamPower technology is the right choice. 

Enjoy the Balzano Knives video, and then download the NamPower Resource Guide to learn more.